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Certification with TruerMU gives you access to even more tools to grow your teaching business.  Certified teachers receive discounts on all Teachers Courses, free membership to our TruerMU Teacher Forum, and of course the right to use our copyrighted material and licensing to promote your business.

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Of course, you can just take the Teacher Courses.  But do you really want to miss out on the benefits you'll get when you certify with TruerMU?  From having a community to being able to promote yourself with our Logo and materials, you'll find Certification is worth its weight in gold.

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TruerMU isn't just a teaching method.  It's a growing movement for quality music instruction based on improvement instead of performance.  We need your voice as we move forward.

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We want you to take what you've learned and spread the word.  TruerMU is the music instruction method of the future.  All we need is you!

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